Haus-Rucker-CTheir pneumatic projects aimed to counteract apathy and passive acceptance of one’s environment by distorting the experience of public and private spaces, evoking a “feeling of foreignness”. Immersive environments, bubble and capsule forms, and mind-expanding structures for private contemplation or forging personal connections all delineate not only specific physical zones but also psychological spaces. Haus- Rucker-Co. also took a playful approach to architectural materials and strategies. Plastics—mutable, flexible, inexpensive, and with seemingly infinite potential—provided not only the material for many of their projects but also served as a model for the era’s futurist vision of a democratic and mobile lifestyle.


Personal Spaceship at Rhizomatic

This is a quite interesting experience and I’m really glad to be part of it.To be part of an exhibition with such a great concept.

You can read more about Rhizomatic in here.

I have created an installation that, in a way, goes with the philosophy of this event but, most of all, with this particular moment of my life.

This is my first exhibition in London, where I’ve been for less than a month. What I have now, for sure, is my Personal Spaceship. That’s what I’ll always have with me. You see, I’m always flying. We’re always flying in space and mind. But there’s always cosmos inside chaos… and this is how it might look like right now. I feel like when I was a little girl and my father built a little house made of wood and put it in the middle of my room. I was often there decorating and playing, all cosy  and entertained.  Of course, most of my interests have changed a bit.

Here some details:

Here I’m trying to reproduce how I look, quite absorbed, listening “Total Eclipse of the Sun” by Einstürzende Neubauten.

Some of them and more here. Quite beautiful on the inside

Of course, it’s also quite dangerous to get inside because everything is full of glitter that will never get out of your clothes.

The opening is today, all info at the link on the top of this post!

Existential Crisis Superstar

Mi carrera de Bellas Artes se esta terminando y empieza un nuevo ciclo en mi vida y, no sé si por mi lado masoquista, o por mi irremediable optimismo, pero estoy disfrutando del sufrimiento de la duda vital, de una manera doloroso-activo-pasivo-creativo-angustianto-alienado-etc.

Y estoy muerta de miedo y ganas.

La “perspectiva subjetiva” de la montaña/castillo/nave espacial representa la celebración del fin de la Academia, ya no tengo que preocuparme más por dibujar realista. Y lo demás son aterrizajes y explosiones y riesgos y exploraciones…