Encounters of the third kind

I had a surprising encounter the other day while visiting British art institutions.

Witness, by Susan Hiller. I easily forget names so I didn’t know, when I was going in the darkness, that I was going to run into one of my favourite installations.

It is a dark space full of voices speaking at the same time, coming from a big number of earphones hanging from the ceiling. In different languages you listen the testimony of an encounter with creatures from the outer space. Between a religious experience and science fiction.

I saw it a few years ago in Portugal, so it was like a second level encounter with the third kind.

I also got to see this piece made of 5 videos from different films where girls have telekinetic powers. It’s called Psi Girls. The drumming soundtrack progresses at the same time as the imminent catastrophe due to the girl’s power. At the end, they all explode. Truly inspiring.

In the meantime

The other day, Ratzi, the Pope, visited my home-town, Portugal. He went to Fatima, that place where people have hallucinations and practice S/M  outdoors, in front of anyone who passes by, although, masked by some crazy religion with strange rewards for those who act like good sinners. They’ve even created a holiday because of that…

Meanwhile, I finally got to work with my very best friend on a new project which is my first video outside college.  Everything is different now.

This is how it looked like while searching and experimenting for our soundtrack.