Rhizomatic and Personal Spaceship: some impressions about the opening

My work was a bird called crane. It’s a type of bird quite elegant and eccentric, a bit lord a bit punk

It was part of this interesting installation by the official photographer of the event, a calm and nice man named John (I forgot his surname, I’m sorry).

Every work situated in the main building (there were 2) was a bird.

To go from one building to the other we had to cross the alley, dark and wet alley.

The main building had lots of light and that’s the reason why I choose it, because you have to see it clearly on the inside. However, the other building was more charming: it was darker, with an orange light, mysterious liquids on the floor and a more magical atmosphere.

I couldn’t find the name of this glamorous tragedy

I really liked this sculpture-structure-installation-construction-School of the Moment by Ralph Dorey and Daryl Brown

Wanderlust Rocking Horses (residue from a performance) by Eloise Fornieles

This cow had an ambiguous expression, very intense. By Melanie Stidolph

This one was beautiful, from sculptor Stefania Batoeva.

I met the artist Oriana Fox, a lovely sexy lady who was drawing people’s fantasies

My fantasy was something about body parts and the insides of the body. She asked me if I like hair and I said “Yes I like everything”, so she answered “I’m very glad to hear that”

I must say, it is a strange feeling to see my work, such a personal intimate thing, laying on the cold floor in the middle of loads  of unknown weird people (yes, most of them seemed weird to me). If I could I would stay next to it all the time, surveying. But I can’t because I’m a curious cat. And after all, this piece speaks a lot about being protected anywhere. It also speaks about a dangerous and beautiful place that you can only see and feel if you get inside, if you have the courage to go deeper.