Upgraded Brain

Last month I participated in a contest which main goal was to find a cover and back cover for a new zine called “Long Live the New Flesh” by the film collective Brain Wash. I was shortlisted but didn’t won. Even though, I really love the result, so here it is:

I have based my illustration on the concept of a new techno brain.

The brain stands symbolically for individualism and personal creative thinking. To that concept I added technological and video editing software references represented by microchips and key frame lines inspired forms. The result is an upgraded brain.

I’ve used different kinds of mediums both digital and manual, from scanning organic fleshy materials, to photographing analogical abstract images and classic drawing.

All the visual components and mediums represent the new flesh: a new way of thinking and producing that is incorporated within ourselves and is expressed by different technologies accessible to everyone.

On this text I focused more on new technologies and its accessibility (so it relates to the zine’s theme) but I was also thinking of the idea of hacking the brain and adapt it to new concepts, as in, growing with open minded and curious kind of knowledge.

Here some parts of the process (as always, as important and rich as the final result):


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