Water and other fluids

Mandy Barker’s “Soup”

Beautifully alarming.

At first, the visual power of a glorious, colorful chaos will hypnotize you like a mermaid song. Slowly, after starring for a while, the ugliness will erupt; danger, repulsion and awareness of a seriously sad and worrying issue. So glamorous and disgusting!

These impressive images reminded me of “Monster Soup” where this lady drops her tea cup scared by the microscope image of all the filthiness that inhabits Thames’s water, which at the time was London’s directly drinking source.

Fortunately now, we, lucky people, have access to potable water. Although, as clean as it might look, the cycle of water and karma (what goes around comes around) will bring all the corruption back to us. And on its way will also affect millions of other species that have nothing to do with it.

There are all sorts of things in the water. I know these girls that after moving to London, their tits started to grow remarkably. It sounds funny and maybe appealing in a very naive way but that is actually because the water is infested with high levels of estrogen from contraceptive pills.

Signs of sex changes on male fishes have been seen. Also, the most common cosmetic surgery within men in the UK is breast reduction.

Gorgeously scary.

(Well, their spread of feminine regulators is certainly out of hand! )

That’s one of the good reasons why eco-porn is so important: because we need not just new porn but new dirtiness!


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