solo roadtrip from Reykjavík to Hólmavík, Icealnd

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1am daylight, 2am… 3am I started hallucinating. Lola told me she saw a seal so I was very focused on the ocean and suddenly I saw them, dozens of them, moving slowly, sliding in the surface, just like seals, the dark rocks.
The radio only played classical music for a while which made the whole experience very intense in an overly exaggerated and romantic way. The mountain next to me was massive, static and dark brown, volcanic style. The car was smooth, so smooth. There’s only one road and very few junctions, it’s practically impossible to get lost yet at some point it felt like I was trapped in the same place. Trapped in a wall calendar. The mountain felt like the same from 1am to 2am, approximately. The cascades appeared like surprises, also like an element from a video game that repeats randomly throughout different levels. There it is again! Reflecting the cool light, endless light, non stop magic hour.
My body was still recovering from an unexpected after-party full of love and a quite dedicated house cleaning session. 3am, there’s no mistake, I’ve been moving, should be arriving at the bay. Faraway a very skinny road through the water, just like a black snake. I thought I’m too tired, I’ll fall right into the icy water. Then a thick, thick fog and a white horse standing like a clue. There was no space at all for scepticism.
Today I saw a whale, grey head and big splash. I was coming down the mountain, walking along the sea, going home and by accident I saw her. A whale.


According to wordreference “hurgar” is rummage, delve, meddle; words I haven’t used before in English. When studying the language of a concept, say the formless, an extension of vocabulary must be done, not just in number (of new words), but the actual extension of the word itself. Stretch a word to see how much can it mean.


Lurking, poking, intruding.

Lingering, waiting.

Appearing violently, smoothly.


Sliding, swimming, winding.
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escaping definitions, just a note

“Their colour shines forth with a brilliance which seems to us praeternatural, because it is in fact entirely natural – entirely natural in the sense of being entirely unsophisticated by language or the scientific, philosophical and utilitarian notions, by means of which we ordinarily re-create the given world in our own drearily human image.”

Aldous Huxley

I miss comics

I miss la cupula and fantagraphics and freaks… I got some nice graphic novels the other day, from the local library, but they have mostly Marvel stuff. At Goldsmiths they simply don’t have comics (!) There’s a new tiny shop in the corner, but the variety is minuscule and not completely my style. Too many cute animals and men.

I miss some dark, daily, feminist, troubled, lazy, clever stories with graphics that take me to the time when I hanged out a lot. I like to just hang out, like that girl I saw yesterday at the skate park, drinking a beer and writing in a table full of backpacks while her friends were doing upside down tricks.

If I was in Barcelona I’d go here tomorrow:

Wonderful illustration by Ana Galvañ