escaping definitions, just a note

“Their colour shines forth with a brilliance which seems to us praeternatural, because it is in fact entirely natural – entirely natural in the sense of being entirely unsophisticated by language or the scientific, philosophical and utilitarian notions, by means of which we ordinarily re-create the given world in our own drearily human image.”

Aldous Huxley

I miss comics

I miss la cupula and fantagraphics and freaks… I got some nice graphic novels the other day, from the local library, but they have mostly Marvel stuff. At Goldsmiths they simply don’t have comics (!) There’s a new tiny shop in the corner, but the variety is minuscule and not completely my style. Too many cute animals and men.

I miss some dark, daily, feminist, troubled, lazy, clever stories with graphics that take me to the time when I hanged out a lot. I like to just hang out, like that girl I saw yesterday at the skate park, drinking a beer and writing in a table full of backpacks while her friends were doing upside down tricks.

If I was in Barcelona I’d go here tomorrow:

Wonderful illustration by Ana Galvañ